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A silence full of emo

This is my book report on 'A Silence Full of Music', a Sentinel fanfic by Nancy Taylor. As with everything, this is my own personal opinion and your mileage may vary. That said, I could not finish this book, even after having paid $21 for it at tribalforces last weekend.

The story starts with a common premise: Blair Sandburg has gone to police training and become a full-fledged detective with Cascade PD. Things are going well enough until he develops throat cancer. The doctor presents him with a choice: to undergo chemotherapy and radiation to try and arrest the cancer, or to have his larynx removed. He opts for the surgery and loses his voice. The first part of the book deals with how Blair and Jim cope with this loss. It's actually a rather interesting part of the book, and while it had its moments of angst, I thought it was very in-character for both Jim and Blair.

In part two, however, the cancer returns, and Blair undergoes another surgery, this time leaving him with one of those lovely holes in his throat, and spends the entire mid part of the book going through chemo in all its glory. Now, I love medical and scientific accuracy as much as the next reader, but was it really necessary to go through all of that, in all its glorious repetitiveness? Because really, chemo makes you puke. Makes you lose your hair. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And this book did. At one point it gave him an infection that made him deaf on top of mute and Jim nearly had a breakdown. At that point I was skimming pages, stopping to catch a line of dialogue here and there to make sure nothing interesting had happened.

And then I gave up. I think there's actually a *gasp* police investigation in the last part, but by that point I was already annoyed. chi1013, if you want to give it a try, I'll still let you have it. The alternatives are tossing it or finding someone else who'll read it, because I have no room in my flat to really keep things I don't intend to (re)read.


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Apr. 25th, 2008 02:41 pm (UTC)
I have a bit of interest reading it cause of my new field of study. There are ways people can talk after having their larynx removed and I actually think it'd be interesting to explore that. An Electrolarynx is very grating and mechanical and it'd be interesting to figure out how Jim would use that. I can't decide if Blair would go that route or use sign language if he knew it. I know if the device would be used, it would be ordered for him.

As for the infection causing hearing loss, well, I suppose that would happen but I'd be curious as to which infection. is it permanent hearing loss? Is it temporary? There are infections that would do that but frankly, not that many. Or maybe I just didn't pay much attention in Audiology but that's a bit... yeah. Frankly, I'm a bit skeptical. I feel it would be a temporary hearing loss anyway, like Strep or, hell, meningitis even or something. I dunno.

Yeah, and did I mention I don't like fics where the characters end up being permanantly anyway. But yeah, I may have a harder time reading it since some of the factors are things I may have to deal with.
Apr. 26th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure the infection hearing loss is temporary. Like I said, I skimmed. I'll send you the fic but I don't think I have your address. You can email it at the LJ email address.
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