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Oh Darren, why?

Darren Hayes is going to kill me. Ded. The Super Duper Special edition of the Time Machine Tour DVD is $60, which I wouldn't have realised had I not converted it from GBP (no wonder they didn't want to convert to euros, their money kicks @$$). And I want it, but I know I'll hate myself for spending the money. And when I really think about it, what use do I have for 32 pages of pictures? The 'notes from Darren' part though makes me do grabby hands. :( But it's not like he hand-wrote any of them personally (on each individual booklet, I mean) and I read his blog all the time anyway, so honestly, I don't need it.

There. I've made the mature decision. Now I don't even have to preorder the regular right away because it's not a limited edition type thingie so won't be selling out anytime soon. And I won't get myself even more in debt.
Tags: darren hayes, money

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