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The Amazon thing

I realise no, I hadn't ranted about Amazon previously, because others were doing it for me, such as erynn999 in her Amazon tag. Due to the confusion regarding my previous post, I direct you all there. Also, this blog at Writer's Weekly chronicles Amazon's descent into becoming the Mal*Wart of the Internet. They're becoming a monopoly and that is, in my view, distinctly un-American. They have been treating print-on-demand and small publishers like crap, and seeing as one of the authors affected is a good friend of mine, I choose to stand by her rather than save a few bucks on a book or DVD because who's getting screwed here?

I also have become increasingly nostalgic about my teenage years, when I had no credit card with which to shop the internet, and I went to a book store. So I will do that from now on, unless there is something I truly can't find localy, and then I will find places other than Amazon to purchase it at.

*gets off the soapbox for now*
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