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Boots of Elvenkind

The moccasins are gorgeous. The leather is soft and I can't wait to try them on. But the fucking soles are all wrong! I'm hoping the contact number on the website is for the New York office and not somewhere in CA. After I get that hopefully squared away, I have to go to HACC and get a book for my Algebra class. Hope they still got 'em.

Bah, I would've worn the moccasins out today, and proudly. Oh well. I'll call them up, see what they can do, and hopefully they'll be ready for Rickett's Glen if not for the Faire this month.

ETA: I called and the head honcho, Mark, left a message saying he's out of the office until the 19th. Boo! So I emailed Craig, my original maker, and maybe he can help me out. Though I think it was Lynn who ended up making my boots according to the package insert. We'll see. Hopefully he'll get back to me soon. Gah. Definitely not going to be fixed by next weekend.
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