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Tattoo, redux

So after scouring the interwebz for hi res pics of the Milky Way Stargate, I've done the following updates to the glyphs. I've been able to cross-reference from fan-made graphics to promo shots on the orientation of all but the 6th glyph. That one TBD.

My next challenge is the order. I had originally gotten it from Daniel's whiteboard in 'Rising', but it's been a while and I haven't rechecked that one (I'm not sure how I got the orientation so wrong in most of these symbols so I'm not going to trust my memory on this). In watching Rising last night I didn't check that part, but I did notice when they were dialing the gate that 'chevron four' was the fifth symbol and 'chevron five' the sixth and so on, so now I'm not sure I have the order right either.


You may have to click and refresh.

You know, I used to think that getting a fandom-related tattoo was dumb. I'd think 'wow, you'll be sorry when you get over that', but I hadn't really realised how deep fandom can run. Sure, I'd be kicking my ass now if I'd gotten a Thundercats or New Kids on the Block tattoo, but I was a kid. You do get over things when you're a kid. A tattoo should mean something, regardless of what that thing is, and Atlantis means more to me than just a tv show, it's how I met lots of my current dear friends, it's been a place of inspiration and comfort to me throughout the past four years. And the fact that it's ending is not going to change that.

But, I'm not entirely daft. What you see is just the bare bones of this design. I'm going to take it to an artist who's going to turn it into a tribal armband. The symbols will still be there, but even should the fandom love fade, the art will be there.
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