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If life is so short

Stayed home from work yesterday. Well, not home, I did have class in the morning, and after class I went to the math lab for tutoring. As it turns out I really suck at fractions and decimals, but it was only because I didn't remember how it's done. After a few of the tutors helped me remember, I was rolling along. So I think I'll do fine. And I think I'll take advantage of school being halfway between home and work, and actually take that extra hour after class and before work to go to the lab and do my homework. It's not like I usually do anything other than come back, change, and pack lunch. I can do all that before I go to class.

Then I went home, wrote a little bit. Not too much, as Chapter 11 is turning out to be a pain. The Exposition Demons threaten.

Once I got blocked on something, decided to clear my mind a bit and logged onto WoW. The moment I started running around, lightbulb went off about what to do for scene 11:4. So I started on that, then went back and got Samildanach to level 44. Wewt!

Priorities and all.

There are some things that have been bothering me lately that shouldn't. Things that I've only talked about with a few select people who are really in no position to do anything other than listen and agree with me. I just haven't decided what I'm going to do about it. It seems like something so petty to get worked up about, but in not doing anything I get worked up even more.

Next semester I will aim for more than just one class, and that in itself will limit my time left over for bullshit. So the above might be a non-issue anyway.

In other news, my checking account is at $0.00 and I have one transfer left from my savings (which is the lowest it's been in a long time) for the rest of the month. If I take any money out before payday, then my paycheque will be stuck in savings until the first of September. And as we all know, I'll be in Rickett's Glen by then so I won't be able to move the money. So I'm trying to remember if there are any more outstanding cheques, which I think there's not, but I'll double check my cheque book. And if I want a smoothie this morning, I'll have to reach into the piggy bank and hope there's 5 bucks in quarters.

Ahhh. Sometimes I love life. Today is not that time.
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