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Sam Tyler vs. The Ultimate Assholes

BBC's Life on Mars is addictive. Like crack. But really, the only likeable character on it is Sam. Annie has spunk, but through no fault of her own she lives and works in a very misogynistic environment and is a result of that environment. Still, she's the only one with any sort of compassion to Sam's plight.

Honestly, let's say the 21st century is Sam's delusion and it really is 1973. Let's say he's schizophrenic. Mental illness is no laughing matter, yet the assholes he works with not only make fun of him behind his back, they openly harass him about it. Smells like 1973, I suppose.

Gene Hunt is another asshole, but he has his moments. And the rest of the time I just want to kick him in the balls.

I'm afraid to see how the Americans will fuck this up.

P.S. Homework sucks.
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