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Sam Tyler rocks my socks

Semagic really doesn't look right if you squish it all to the side so you can watch TV on the other side of the screen. Oh well. It's worth it. I'm chillin' with Life on Mars again. Good show. Still wondering how Americans will fuck it up. I want to watch it just to see how bad it is.

I'm up to episode 2.3. Good times.

I was going to make chocolate pretzels today but I may just do that tonight. It doesn't take long at all and I don't need them until Angel's birthday on Friday. I do have to make some sort of lunch for myself, though. Though I did well yesterday on turkey sammich, and I might just do that again. I'm still, like I told Nelson on MySpace, like I just stepped out of a week-long roller coaster ride, my head is still spinning, my stomach is desperately hanging on to its last meal, but at least my feet are on the ground. I just have to find my balance again.

Darren Hayes recorded a cover of Madonna's 'Dress You Up'. Too funny. You can get it from his MySpace blog.
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