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Life on Mars US

So I managed to get a hold of the original unaired pilot.

The accident sequence was done very close to the original, and I do like how 1973 looks like it was filmed in 1973. They didn't quite keep up the effect, whether it was too expensive to do so or perhaps a directorial choice, but I wish they had kept it up, would've been fun to watch. Maybe there will be more of that in the final version.

Colm Meany as Gene in this one, though he was recast after this.

American!Sam is bland, though. He's got one of those All-American Good Ole Boy Jock faces that don't really impress me at all, and he's broody and dark in the boring way. He kinda looks like Special Agent Charlie Brown from the third season of 24. Annie is pretty but boring so far. Though I don't think that's so much the actor's fault. I think if she had any original lines she'd be pretty good. Yank!Sam though, not so sure. Okay actor, just, vanilla.

I don't like that they added Maya to the visions on the TV. It doesn't make sense in the context of the original.

AHAHAHAHA Colm Meany just said "...or are you brunching with the Klingons?" to Sam. Brilliant! He's a good Gene, actually. And they went and replaced him with Harvey Keitel. BOO.

I recognise more music from the US, but the UK songs are better.

Yank!Sam's rant on how vynil will be replaced by mp3's and shit was just unnecessary, and a weak replacement for Sam's rant about shitty police procedures. Too much Maya. Too much with the dream sequences, but they probably had to put them in as replacement for Test Card Girl.

Standing on the roof doing his Angel/Jack Harkness impression. Again with the dark. This show is not that dark, people!

I definitely miss Nelson. That's his name, right? The Jamaican bartender?

As far as this version of this version goes, not bad, in and of itself. I don't expect the final cut of this will be much different, but for you know, Harvey Keitel and shit. I did hear there were some plot changes that had taken the show in a more supernatural direction, which I'm not really thrilled about. Honestly, if the show were an original production it would have that as a merit, but they're taking somebody else's original idea and blandifying it, and that frankly makes the show unnecessary. Americans are perfectly capable of watching a British show. Now we'll have to deal with a generation of Yank!Sam fangirls being all 'omg this show is soooo cool!' who've never even seen or heard of the original and will have no clue as to the ultimate awesomeness of John Simm.

I laugh at them. While pointing.


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Sep. 14th, 2008 04:06 pm (UTC)
Why do they even bother? Don't they know that this is just going to go the way of every other British reworked comedy that isn't The Office? *sighs* Silly American execs.
Sep. 14th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Because Americans will never 'get' British humour/drama/whatever, but we're too lazy to come up with something on our own so we'll blatantly steal something and pretend we're being oh so sophisticated by 'borrowing' from the Brits.

Plus, it worked for Queer as Folk.

They can suck my dick. I'm tired of Hollywood/American TV treating us like mushrooms.
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