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So I'm still flailing through life. My camping trip did make some things a lot better. When it comes to work I am not quite so anxious. I don't know if that had anything to do with it really, or how long it will last, but for now it's good. Have not been driven to tears yet this month.

Still adjusting to life as a student. Not doing quite the amount of homework the teacher expects of us, but I work full time. I'm struggling to maintain some semblance of a social life, and I want to continue my writing. Writing has been difficult and I'm not sure exactly why.

Part of me feels like I'm always multitasking, because it's the only way I can do everything that needs to be done, and I still don't do everything. By the time I'm done with what I need to do, I'm too mentally exhausted for anything more complicated than Warcrack. Tomorrow I go from class at 9 to homework time at the math lab, to work, then home to be exhausted all over again.

Before this turns into more whinging, I need some sort of game plan. Perhaps just take it, instead of day by day, week by week. I don't have anything planned this weekend. If family doesn't spring D&D on me, I can do homework on Saturday, then spend the rest of the weekend reconnecting with bellumaeternus. [Because I'm not asking Matt out or anything. Thought didn't even cross my mind.]

Okay, why is the Blizzard downloader taking SO long in downloading 800 MB's? That should take at MOST a couple of hours. Not bloody days!

I saw part of the House season premiere, missed the beginning and the end. Did get to see the much-anticipated 'couples counseling' scene which was a tad disappointing. At least everyone accepts the irresistible force that is House/Wilson. Is TRUFAX, people.

Cesar Millan is going to be on tomorrow's Bones. I never watch Bones, but I might just for this. Hilarity, people!
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