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Habit of Flashbacks

Granted, the current version of Legacy of Olympus is not as flashback-heavy as prior versions. Yet somehow, in this version flashbacks have become more difficult to write. Every time I start on a flashback, I get blocked and have to move on to the next scene and leave the flashback for when I finish the chapter.

I've got Patrick plunging into one, and I'm actually pondering scratching it and just have Raeith tell him instead of making him See. Might not have the same impact, but if I can't write a satisfying flashback, I shouldn't even bother. We'll see. I finished rereading, cleaned up a sentence here and there, nothing major.

I'm eager to finish this book, I've always been. But right now I'm feeling the urge to start something completely new, maybe revisit some of the old attempts like the Utopia story, or Oceanus. Both stories require a lot of world-building, though, and I'm wondering if I can't work on something a bit simpler. I love world-building, though, it's my favourite thing. It's just a lot of work.

We'll see. It's too early to be thinking about that anyhow. I'm only a third of the way into Olympus.

In other news, I kinda want Tarkan's new CD, Metamorfoz. How ironic that he's had more international success singing in Turkish than he did with his English album. I think 'Come Closer' is a great album.
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