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RP on an RP server? WTF?

So after months of running solo on Sisters of Elune, I finally caved and found a guild for Samildanach. I had, once upon a time, thought of starting my own guild, and at one point Sam had inherited leadership of a guild he'd been in, but given my RL commitments this just never panned out. Now I have this charter in my bags with one signature and I don't know how to get rid of it. I suppose I'll bank it or destroy it.

Well, the guild he's joined is called The Wolf Pack. I couldn't resist the name. So far they seem like a friendly bunch, and they claim there's RP going on, they even have an OOC chat channel. But I haven't yet seen any of this RP going on. I think there may have been some going on in Silvermoon last night, but I was all the way in Tanaris, where I joined a pick up group and we killed a bunch of pirates. Those quests would have taken DAYS if I'd attempted them solo, and would've required a lot of stealth and flash powder.

I'm looking forward to RPing more with Sam, though, I haven't been IC with him in months and months. I'm working on his history for the guild forum. Probably will post it here too.
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