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Dreamscapes and Legends

I need a new site design. I already dislike the one I put up a few weeks ago.

But that took so long just to choose that I can't be bothered with a redesign right now.

I should get back into designing these things from scratch like I used to. I did ElvenWolf.com that way.

I love what Ingrid's done on Midnight Island. But whatever I do, I won't do it in November. I'm still plugging away at NaNoWriMo and enjoying it immensely.

In other matters, a question to all of you WoW-heads. I can close my account for a time without losing my toons, right? Because I may need to cancel it until March if I can't figure out a way to afford the $15 a month. Right now it's looking bleak on that front. Is there anything special I'd need to do to save them?
Tags: money, warcrack, websites

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