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I need to read more

So we all know the past few months have been made of literary fail. The economy sucks, but I'm aware that I need to be part of the solution and not the problem, so I am making a conscious effort to contribute to the people who matter to me.

That said, when I went to Borders today I was on the hunt for a particular Giftmess pressie for somebody, so I wasn't on the hunt for anything for myself. I did, however, tell my dad that I want a Borders gift card for my birthday so I will definitely put that to good use.

Every time I step into any book store, I check the shelves for people I know. I'm happy to report that markdf and jimhines were easily found in the Sci Fi/Fantasy section. I was able to find used copies of Departure and Into The Reach by alanajoli on the web search at the store, but those were mail order. I did search for mindyklasky's series, saw them on the search as being in the store, but I was getting worn out and since I wasn't going to buy anything for me today, didn't actually check the shelves. I definitely will when I go with my gift card.

Didn't buy any groceries, but did get the major errands done. I need to do some studying this afternoon but that might not happen. I'm being dragged out to eat Vietnamese food in five minutes. I'm not hungry but I'll go for the company and I'll at least try something. Then at fiveish I'm to go to Amy's house for dinner and movies. I kinda don't want to because I am so tired right now. I don't think I slept enough. I need a good long night's sleep I think. No, I need two in a row. I won't get that for a while, I don't think.
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