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Today my brother Rob, his girlfriend Megan, our friend Kris, and myself, will brave the 2 hour (potentially 3 hour due to weather) drive to Sellersville, PA. Why? To see these guys:

They are awesome! Kris and I will probably turn into flailing fantards again, but we'll get autographs out of it again. ;) Hey, I got fistbump from Dan the guitar player the last time, and a high five from Joey, the cute one on the left. Leks, the one in the middle, seems a bit more reserved, or did seem on that day, and Mike the drummer was the ninja band member. There to play, then quick photo op, then vanished. Joey and Dan stayed back to talk to us, which was awesome. I hope we get some face time tonight, the venue's different than the open atmosphere of the Ren Faire, so we'll see. I hope they do bring CD's and t-shirts to sell because I need to work on my collection.

Anyway, gotta get ready for work. BOO.
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