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Just got home from Sellersville. OMG. These guys kick so much ass. Dan was wearing these ridiculous nerd glasses with freaking tape on them. Leks was wearing a three piece suit that reminded me of somebody's Jewish grandpa, and Joey had on a Western shirt half-tucked. Mikey and I apparently planned ahead to wear the same black shirt. They crack me up.

The opening act kinda stank and kinda didn't. They had some funny songs, some that weren't so funny. The best one was at the end when they actually sang a song about Scythian, and about how the lead singer's girlfriend was all in love with Scythian because 'they're hot, they're really hot, but I'm not gay, I'm really not' and how she walks around with tons of Scythian stickers and tried to dress him up like them.

Then Scythian came up. They always put on an amazing show. We spend half the time bouncing and clapping and the other half just being in total awe of their talent. They did a couple of new songs, and announced they're starting to work on a new album. The audience was pleased, to say the least. They donned their ugly Christmas sweaters to do the Christmess medley, to many lols.

Here's the band performing one of their new songs, 'Hey Mama Ya' at a different show. I'll keep an eye out for Sellersville clips to post later.

It reminds me of going to Old Town on the Sims. :-x

After the show we waited around and I totally did not encourage Kris to go up to the random Ren Faire actors in the audience and remind them of the day of the endless 'Freebird' requests this fall (another story altogether). I think they hate our guts now. But anyway, we caught Leks before he disappeared backstage and I grilled him for not playing Gyspy Fiddle. Played up the fact that Kris is injured from her car accident and she was really looking forward to seeing him play Gypsy Fiddle and he failed and needed to make it up to her by giving her a hug. (Aren't I a good friend? Haha.) He was super gracious and told us to track him down before the show next time and just tell him to play it.

Dan came out and I thanked him for playing my song, and before I could even say which one it was, he said 'Cubicles and Tylenol'. He remembered! Mikey as usual ninja vanished right after the show, and Joey kinda whizzed by and disappeared too. He did smile and wave at us, though, which is more than Mikey ever does. Leks and I bonded over our love of drunken spider monkeys, he thanked us for being part of their first ever sold-out gig, we thanked him for the great show and off we went. He was quite the chatterbox.

We'll definitely go to the Midwinter Scottish Music Fest in February.

I got home at three and am now illegally parked. Hopefully somebody will move before dawn. Hopefully I'll stay awake until then. I got a can of Monster and Scythian's second CD.
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