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Fork in the proverbial road

more animals

So, Kostyantyn just did something fairly dumb, which at the time seemed to work as far as getting the plot moving.

The downside is, he did it too soon. Now I have an entire day to fill before the second act climax, and I don't relish the idea of spending it with Dan and Link trying to figure things out.

My other options are to either change the timeline, delay things a little bit more so it's not quite so early on Saturday morning, which would mean going back and changing things like mentions of the hour and descriptions of what the day is doing (sun setting, dark out, et. al.). Or, throw up a roadblock when Tyn does the stupid thing to stop him.

Hm... this may require some thought. The delay option causes some problems, because then I need to figure out, if they're going to be at a certain place later in the morning, how many people are likely to be there to see all the happenings? It'll take some thought.

I may not make my word count today, but that's fine if by the end of the day I've got a better idea what to do. Today is the perfect day for an epiphany.
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