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Them Crazy Harrisbug Kids

I can't seem to get this plot to work, guys. I thought of the option to delay Tyn's untimely moment of stupidity, but the one way I thought of for doing that pretty much prevents him from doing the stupid thing later on at all because the agent of his delay should have learnt his lesson by now.

Cryptic, innit? Any more detail wouldn't make you any less confused.

Anyway, I'm still trying to think of a way to make it all work. Dan is kind of overwhelming my brain and overshadowing Tyn, which is a pain in the ass because this story is not about him. Oh well, it should all seem better after breakfast!

Randomly, have y'all heard the Christian Bale Meltdown remix on YouTube? I think it's hilarious, though I feel bad for the poor guy. Apparently the DP at that movie is an idiot, but of course it ends up being Christian who looks bad.
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