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Friday the 13th

And I'm not talking about the movie.

Last Friday was the beginning of THE WEEKEND OF ULTIMATE AWESOMENESS(tm), and even though there were many awesome things on Friday, I will stick to the highlights. Or summarise. Or something.

kurizumaru and I checked in at the Radisson Hotel - Valley Forge at around 2 PM on Friday afternoon. That really gave us plenty of time to have lunch, wander around, waste some time watching fanvids on her computer. The show didn't start until around six, but better early than late, I always say. We did sneak into the convention room while the vendors were setting up and saw some cool stuff. I got groped by the guy selling the sharp weapons. He was trying to sell Kris something sharp, and when she wasn't buying it he tried to sell me to her. It was one of those 'you had to be there' moments.

That's about when we decided it was National Grope A Jay Month, starting with Superbowl and on down. I lamented that I only got groped by people I didn't exactly want touching me. But that's just my luck.

At six or seven the show began. The MC and even organizer was a man named Bill Reid. Not a big man, perhaps my height if that, and bald. I was wearing my GOT RUM? t-shirt in the front row, and he had to take note of it and start talking about whole milk. This will become semi-important later on.

Let me see if I remember who all played. I might have to get the website up, hold on. (This should tell you how impressed I was?). Okay, yes, I remember now. Five Quid was actually not a bad band. They did the old standards, the guitarist was pretty good. Then The Hooligans were amusing because the lead singer was on a combo of NyQuil and Guinness. There was this old grizzly dude sitting next to me on the front row with some sort of one-eye binocular (and excuse me if I don't look the word up at this hour, it's nearly 7 and I. Still. Has. No. Coffee.) and the Hooligans guy was all "What's this guy doing with a pair of binoculars in the front row?" And it was amusing except I think the grizzly dude felt bad because he put the thing down. I think he may have just been that blind. LOL. The grizzly dude was annoying anyhow, kept standing way too close and rambling, on and on.

Anyhoo, after The Hooligans... ALBANNACH.

We were unprepared for that happened then. People started flooding the area between the front row of seats and the stage. We started looking at each other like 'uh oh'. Before we knew it, we couldn't see for all the people standing around. kurizumaru wasn't happy with the Bootycat Chick doing the booty dance with her butt in her face. Finally I said, fuck it, we're getting in the mosh pit.

Kris was hesitant because she had cookies for Albannach and didn't want them getting crushed but she put them on a corner of the stage and we joined in. It was amazing. Albannach always brings the house down and they didn't disappoint. They unveiled a new tartan as well.

This was about the vantage point we had that evening. With a couple of heads in between us and the stage.

After that show we tracked some of the members down, found Aya (the one with the mohawk and no shirt at the far left), and she gave him the cookies, and we kinda went to bed then? kurizumaru am I missing anything?
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