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So I've made myself another busy weekend, but that's okay.

I can't seem to get the brain focused on Gypsy Fiddle just yet this morning, but I have a lot of ideas churning in my brain as it is right now, and I'm kind of back at that stage where the story's writing itself anyway, I just need to make sure I keep up with it.

It just hit me though, that I know the ending but not HOW it comes about. I haven't really written this kind of tale before, one with plot twists and turns and secrets and surprises and things not quite working out the way the characters expect them to. Legacy of Olympus is very different from this. It's more epic fantasy in scope, so even the surprises are a little bit more straightforward. You know who the good guys and bad guys are because the bad guys have no need to hide. They are 'bad' by the very nature of the society they represent. And while they hide from other characters from time to time, they don't hide from the reader.

I would still like to go back to that book and finish it off. I'm just not sure about that right this very minute. I'm too consumed with Fiddle.

And I know the resolution, but I still need to hammer out the details. There's a lot involved in what brings about certain outcomes. And I want it to be kind of epic, even if I have to bring knowledge of the supernatural out into the open in the middle of downtown Harrisburg. Or at least have something happen that will confuse a lot of people and have some believing.

But I also have to shower, program my GPS, take Jumper 1 for a bath before the salt and caked snow 'n shit eat through the crappy paint job, get some cash out, and be at kurizumaru's to pick her up at 12:30... or was it 12? 12. Because it's roughly 2 hours to Delaware to meet jpsorrow and the mythical 'Gang of Four'. I'm sure it'll be fun times, and I'll get a copy of The Skewed Throne for him to sign. Which means, if I want to get the car washed, I should leave here at 11 the latest.
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