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Writing while you work

I juggled work and muses today, fairly effectively, I might add.

While I didn't do any actual writing, I did do some thinking in between roster reports and billing adjustment forms.

The consensus among the muses seems to be that a few adjustments need to be made to the first act of Gypsy Fiddle. I realised I'm keeping a lot of things close to the vest, and I was venturing dangerously into M. Night Shyamalan territory, even though I can't stand his stuff. When I listed all my 'plot twists', I realised I can afford to play the werewolf card early on.

The story is about how Kostyantyn survives the weekend and saves the day with a little help from his friends. I think the story will probably flow better if there's a little bit more background to what is going on from the start. Also, I don't think I quite did the alley scene right. In getting the character more developed, I don't think Kostyantyn would really react the way he originally did.

Which leaves me with a challenge. I need to reach the same outcome while letting Tyn react differently.

A couple more scenes need retooling, and so does Lincoln, to some extent. It needs to be clear that this is bizarro!Harrisburg, not real Harrisburg. Thought it wouldn't be any kind of Harrisburg if it weren't rooted in reality. It's a change for me, to go from world-building to world-twisting, but I'm enjoying it.

I think whatever I write after this, though, will take the 'urban' back out of 'fantasy'.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight.


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Mar. 10th, 2009 04:34 am (UTC)
Sounds like it's gonna be an awesome book buddy!!! Sorry I missed you online today. I was hanging with Megan and it was 11:30 before i even left her house!!! OMG!

Hey I think you'll like this... it made me laugh!!
Mar. 10th, 2009 10:37 am (UTC)
Oh gods that was hilariously awful. Can't get over the guy's name being Schwul.
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