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Hide Amongst the Herd

So werewolves.

The version I'm more familiar with these days is the World of Darkness version... Garou are born that way, they have tribal lines, they shall never mate with other Garou or the genetics get all fucked up, etc.

With Gypsy Fiddle I was originally pondering going more traditional. You catch some sort of mystical virus that makes you turn into a wolf on the full moon. The problem with that is that I'm not buying it. If I'm going to go that route, I'd just go with clinical lycanthropy and have all my beasties just be humans stark raving mad. It doesn't make any sense to me.

But I still wanted some way in which Kostyantyn is different both from werewolves and humans.

I think I just found the answer.

*happy dance*

PS. I want to find a way to embed my own mp3's into my website without Imeem pissing all over everything with their 'now you're allowed to embed this/now you're not' bullshit.
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