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The Big Jig

Live music: out of body experience.

Scythian: still best band ever.

I asked Leks to sai hi to kurizumaru who couldn't be there and he totally did. Too bad my phone is junk and he couldn't hear her.

It's funny though how when we first met them we talked with Joe and Dany and not with Leks, now we talk to Leks and Dany but I didn't even say hi to Joe this time. Did tell Mikey 'great show' but getting him into a conversation is pulling teeth and I don't bother.

My phone almost died even before they came on stage with all the tweeting going on, so I shut it off. I did manage to get a couple of quick vids just for Kris' amusement. Didn't talk much with Dany, but did run into him on the stairwell leaving the bar. They played 'Cubicles and Tylenol', Leks said he saw me jumping up and down when they announced it. LOL.

Watching them 'jam' with Oneside was pretty epic, though.

Tonight's show is at 9:00 PM though. I don't know that I'm that much of a fantard. I still have a headache. We'll see.
Tags: scythian

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