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Addendum: Addendum

I wrote the letter. Will fax from work (not wasting a stamp on those bastards).

I feel better.

Decided that I will make every payment on time, the minimum amount they require. And I will keep track of every cent that is paid to the finance charges. Oh yes, a spreadsheet, with shiny colours.

I will tally up every finance charge I make from now on.

And once the balance left on the card matches what I've paid in finance charges from now until then, I'm going to stop paying.

Fuck 'em all. They're not getting one more cent out of me. They could've played nice. They could've gotten years more of finance charges from me. But their thinly veiled attempt at a powergrab, stabbing me in the back after the years of finance charges they have already got from me?

At that point they can come to me and ask 'what the fuck's up?' and maybe we'll come to a mutual agreement. I have a friend who was able to settle for a fraction of the balance. But they're going to have to kiss my ass.

And now I'm going to work.
Tags: money, people suck
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