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I'm not feeling too happy about the whole Visa situation. I haven't done anything, yet, but I'm overcome by the realisation that they have me by the nuts regardless and that I need to find $3,000 ASAP.

Too bad we just cut down that money tree back there. Epic fail on our part.

I'm almost at the point of tears because I'm past the anger and I still feel powerless. My family doesn't have any money. I can't go to my grandparents for money. I'm already working 40 hours a week. I give any more to The Man and I lose my writing. My back is against the fucking wall.

How long of working at McD's will it take me to make $3,000? And you know I'd end up working graveyard which will totally fuck with my performance at my real job. Not to mention I'd need happy pills and a lot of booze in the meantime. I can't do that.
Tags: life sucks kinda, money

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