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Gypsy Fiddle randomness

A search for "Natalya Moroz" on Google brought up a dancer, and a photographer. Most of the sites are in Ukrainian, so at least the name rings true. Of course I would really shit if I searched "Kostyantyn Moroz" and found a fiddler.

*tries it* Ick, it brings up IMC pages. At least non-members can't access the forums.

Natalya Boyko is on Facebook. And something called naymz.com.

Why am I doing this? Lincoln's doing it in this scene I'm working on. By the way, "Lincoln Guelcher" brings up my NaNo page, my website, a LJ entry, and some IMC XP point posts. Heh.
Tags: gypsy fiddle, teh intarwebs

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