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Tuesday Morning

Last night trinitytyphoon got me to watch 'Trapped in the Closet' for the lulz. And there were many, many lulz.

But now I can't get the fucking thing out of my head, to the point that I'm doing it. "So I throw out the grinds, coffee grinds from last niiight, and I make some fresh coffee, ooh delicious fresh coffee..." Shoot me.

Hopefully Torchwood music will take care of that. If that fails, there's always Scythian.

So, this morning's list:

1. finish cutting chapter 1, email to kurizumaru
2. buy more chocolate
3. watch '24'
4. call Master Card
5. burn Merlin eps

ETA: And I totally didn't plan the icon matchiness of this entry. I didn't even know that was the icon for 'cold'.

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  • Yes

    I love you.

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