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This goes primarily to chi1013, fiareynne, kurizumaru and thothscribe81, but the more the merrier and I know a fair number of my friends list is within driving distance of King of Prussia, which is about an hour or so from Mount Hope.

We have reserved two rooms at the Quality Inn Lebanon Valley for Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th. Those of you who are able to make it out are invited to two nights of partying. If we get 8 people to stay, it'll be $75 a person for both nights to crash at the hotel. Max occupancy per room is 4/5 with extra bed. I'm not sure at this time how much the hotel may charge for the extra bed, but it can be looked into. Or people can get cozy.

Please check out the Celtic Fling at the PA Renaissance Faire website. You may purchase advance tickets from their site as well. There's a will call and a print-at-home option. Not sure about mail option.

Right now we have three people confirmed out of the 8 to fill both rooms (and Fia, did your friend find lodging? You can DM me on Twitter or comment here). I still have Jamie and Chi as maybes only because the rooms are finally official and I'm not making assumptions on anything prior to today.

So, anybody who's already said is coming, reconfirm starting today. Anybody else who's interested, leave a comment or email me at jay at elvenwolf dot com, or DM me on Twitter at urbanwolf. I only get DM's sent to my cell phone nowadays. If we get more than 10 total, we can try and get a third room. I'm going to see about calling the hotel soon to ask them to put the rooms next to each other, though that's not guaranteed.

If you have lodging or live close enough to commute but still want to go hang out with us at the hotel party (there will be drinks and snacks!) please say so.

Quality Inn is roughly 7 miles/15 minutes from the Estate, and according to Google Maps it's a pretty straight shot north. We are on the waiting list at Hampton Inn right across the street from the Estate, but we're not counting on that. However, should we get a change at the last minute we'll let everyone know and try to work it so nobody's budgets are blown out of the water.

So comment, message me, whatever, pass this on to interested parties.

Some of what you will see at Celtic Fling:

And some ETH for Fia:

And last but not least, Albannach:

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