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“Well since I'm not doing the texting thing any more. I guess I'll go back to voice post not that I have much to say at this point. I just thought I might do it just for sit and rant it's lunch time 4:00pm. I'm moving my car because it's parked all the way and you know ___ because you know second shift has to do that just shift and Grant. Having not a bad day wishing I could watch Star Trek again it's ridiculous how obsessed I am with that movie listening to 30 secs to Mars on my car stereo while I move and talk on the cell phone despite knowing better. So far not having a bad day just you know trying to catch up with work. I always feel like I'm always trying to catch up with something like I'm late for this or I have to finish this and what I'm having babies for for why am I in such a hurry you might wanna talk to my ___ about that oh wait I don't have a ___ every time I try to get in the contest and then we fill out the bloody paper work again because he's here more than 3 months well fuck that ok that's horn that telling me I need to get my seat belt on and now my car is now moved. Alright I'll wast no more of your time.”

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