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Writer's Block: Economizing

If you had to tighten your budget (or already have), what would be the easiest thing to cut?
You mock me, LiveJournal! *fistshake*

WoW was really the only thing left before food. I stopped buying new clothes months ago except for those two shirts on sale a couple of months ago. Now I go to the gym so I can keep wearing the same trousers.

So I cancelled WoW. I miss it every so often, but then I busy myself with other things. And I know I'll go back.

I gave up yogurt. I figure I get my dairy from milk and cheese.

The hardest thing to cut out so far in the 'food' category, has been my morning French Vanilla Hazelnut coffee from Billy D's by work. Coffee is my comfort food. Luckily I get a free supply of the good shit from PR, but I took great comfort from going into Billy D's with its super friendly staff, mixing my own flavoured coffee, and enjoying it at my desk at my leisure. *sigh* Maybe in August.
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