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Mai bubble, let me show you it

So apparently something bad happens in Torchwood: Children of Earth. Thank you all who have kept the spoilers behind cuts, though the flailing and gnashing of teef is almost worse.

Whatever. I'm still going to thothscribe81's on Sunday, and there will be alcohol. And there will be lulz. And if we cry, we cry together. And if it's as bad as y'all are making it sound, there's always Merlin. *shrug* *is old enough to know fandoms come and go* *is also fickle and has waited long enough for s3 to kinda be over it* *is also going through tough personal times and has worse things to worry about* *and in saying that is totally not ragging on anybody who's upset, will probably also be upset on Sunday* *and then will have to go back to work on Monday and that's even more depressing*

I'm hungry. *goes forage for crumbs*
Tags: torchwood

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