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How to Stalk a Wolf


  • 5th, 6th: Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Likely to be found within a half-mile radius of Scythian at all times. Not to scare them or anything, they know us.

  • 8th, 9th: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim, PA: Same as above.

  • 22nd: Ceoltas in Harrisburg, PA: Shots McGee will be playing. Great cover band.


  • 7th - 10th: Annual guys' camping trip (pending confirmation). Out in the wilderness where there's no cell signal. Don't even try and hunt me down.

  • 11th - 13th: Pittsburgh Irish Festival: Again with the Scythian.

  • 25th - 27th: Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA: Scythian, Albannach, big time fantardery.


  • 10th: Sunflower Fest somewhere in Maryland: Celebrating Joey Crosby's wedding. Albannach will be there too. Woot!


  • 31st: Scythian's New Year's Eve Masquerade: Unconfirmed!

There will be other Ren Faire weekends to be announced. Also, looking for some more Albannach and/or Enter the Haggis to fill in the spots, but will all have to be weekend shows. The above taps out my paid time off.

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