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The State of the Wolf

Been a while since I did one of these.

Was sick with the not-pig flu last week. Missed two days of work, came back to a clusterfuck. Had to sacrifice camping because of those two vacation days I took. :P

Oh well, I can still go to Pittsburgh Irish Fest and Celtic Classic.

Finished reading 'Unquiet Dreams' by markdf. Excellent book, as usual. I really love the way he's crafted the alternate history of the Convergent World. At first you don't really see all the small nuances, the details, but as you read on, you get to discover these little tidbits that in the context of Convergence seem inevitable, yet did not happen in our world until later, or not at all.

Right after that, started reading 'The Cracked Throne' by jpsorrow. I am totally behind on my 'To Read' list, because I also have a 'To Watch' list of tv shows that I've lost track of since I moved and no longer have a tv set. Also, been hacking away at the violin and of course at my own novel. And then there's World of Warcraft.

Next on my 'To Buy' list are greygirlbeast's 'The Red Tree' and jimhines's 'The Mermaid's Madness' which comes out in a few weeks.

Also have to get scbutler's 'Reiffen's Choice' back from my dad, and start reading pbray's 'Devlin's Luck'. I am way behind as I got these books months ago, but, see above.

Also, blame Scythian. They're convenient.

I'm kind of getting excited thinking about all this reading, though. I miss when I was able to devour books two and three a week. And being able to reread my favourites, too. [Leg kick positions!! Thoooose weeeeere theeee daaaaaaaaaaays my friend! /Scythian flashback]

Anyway, at this point, I think I might just log off and do some reading. It's not like I have anything else pressing to do. Too late for waking up the neighbours with my deafening rendition of 'Ode to Joy' and need a fresh mind to write, which is why I do that in the morning over coffee. :)
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