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Ice, ice baby to go...

Found my 'Livin' in the 90s' compilation CD from way back in the day. Spent the last two car rides to and from work listening to such greats as 'Can't touch this', 'Ice Ice Baby' and 'I touch myself'. With a side of 'Joyride' and Mr. Big. Of course, now that I've seen Scythian's recent additions to Technoccordion, I can't help but picture Mikey O on the drums singing 'If there was a problem, yo I solve it, check out my hook while the DJ revolves it'.

Yeah. Crack.

Been making some writing progress despite previous setbacks. I think because I'm entering the second act, where everything gets super tricky, I'm having kittens.

This candle I just bought is so smelly I don't have to light it. I just uncap it.

Found out that FaerieWorlds in Oregon is having Delhi 2 Dublin and Abney Park for their Winter Festival. I would love to go, I really want to go. But one, it's in January so way too short notice, and two, I don't want to be in debt for the rest of the year again.

But I figure I'll share these two bands so you see why I want to go.

It's their first video, and it's kind of weird. But I love the fusion of Punjabi and Irish music. If they ever made a 'Bend it Like Beckham' sequel where Jesminder and Jonathan Rhys-Myers' character get married, this band would play their wedding. LOL. I still don't know what bully bully means.

Now for some Abney Park.

Steampunk music FTW!

And I think I'll leave it here for now, I got scribbles to type up, people to harass. Have a happy whatever you're doing this week!

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