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Random Thoughts

That probably won't make me any more popular than I am. But here they are.

Microwave ovens. Is there really a reason to clean them? It's not like you put the food directly on the plate. That's what dishes are for. For that matter, the conventional oven. The heat will kill all the germs anyway.

Saw a 'Proud to be American' sign on the way home. I think the only people who should be 'proud' to be 'American' are nationalized immigrants, like the Pakistani guy at the gas station up the road. He had to work for it. Everyone else? Just happened to be born here. I could be proud of being born with brown hair, but it's not like I had anything to do with it. But then I think... it's possible the person who put up the sign was that Pakistani dude in the first place.

My Icelandic supervisor was freezing today, wandering around with a blankie around her shoulders. If the freakin' Viking is cold, Ragnarok is upon us. [She's the best boss ever, btw. Go Iceland!]

When the cold has you down and you want a hot toddy... there's nothing worse than realizing that you would have to go out in the cold to get one of the ingredients that you lack, therefore defeating the purpose. That's when I decided to have some vodka instead.

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