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"Do I have to??"

So today the wolf had his acting debut.

I was begged by a local friend (look, I have local friends!) earlier this week to take part in a film project. She enticed me with food, coffee (9:00am shoot), and being tortured by lots of hot chicks. She also offered to take a discount on the costume she's making me for FaerieCon. Guess which was the strongest motivator?

Anyway, so all the instruction I had was '9:00am and do you have a baseball cap?'

So I showed up at 9:00. kurizumaru was already there, and I don't know what she got bribed with, if anything. That's when I found out what my part was. Pizza boy. And my scene wasn't filmed until about 1:00. So I spent the morning hiding in sanctuary with my friend's husband upstairs, as the entire cast consisted of giggling girls on a slumber party. Nothing wrong with that, but I have my one weekend a year where I do the giggly slumber party thing, and it's not in July. ;)

We had to do my scene about five times. They wanted to get every possible angle, and the living room we were filming in was small and crowded so it was quite the trick. The first few times we rehearsed my scene I was fine. We did the first film through and I was fine. Nervous, sure, but I worked it into the part (it was appropriate to do so). I only almost froze one time, but I managed to keep from panicking. I'm proud of myself if only for that.

I was told I did a good job, and I'll take that with the requisite unspoken 'for a n00b' tacked on.

When the episode is up, I'll probably link it everywhere, therefore making it impossible for me to ever run for office. ;) Basically the slumber party girls have some lawlz at my expense. Which pretty much mirrors my life. :D
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