James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Writer's Block: Too mainstream

If you've been following a relatively obscure band and they start to become popular, do you tend to lose interest at some point? Is mainstream appeal a turn off when it comes to music?

If a band is good, it's good, so if I've followed them from their indie days there'd be no reason to stop. However, I would probably stop going to concerts if they were playing huge venues like the Giant Center or whatever, because I hate huge crowds like that. So it would be sad.

I'm sure there'd be no shortage of small, local bands to replace it, and I would still consider myself a fan, unless they turned into douchebags like those assholes in Metallica.

Conversely, mainstream appeal is often a turn-off when getting into new bands. Music is usually not very creative at that level, with some exceptions.
Tags: bands, music, writer's block

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