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In attempting to set up a new website, I broke all of them. I could cry, but I won’t. Hopefully I’ve managed to back up the important stuff and it will be online by and by.


  • WoW March 15th - June 1st

    I've cancelled WoW as of March 15th. I'll reopen on June 1st, if I meet my May 31st deadline for the definitive draft of Gypsy Fiddle.


    Mad Elf is the shizznit. One reason to love the holidays. Looks like Scythian isn't happening tomorrow night. Well, Scythian is happening, but Kris…

  • Dreamscapes and Legends

    I need a new site design. I already dislike the one I put up a few weeks ago. But that took so long just to choose that I can't be bothered with a…

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