James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Fish Tales


This is George, my betta. He's been with me for a few months and hasn't died yet, like his predecessor Fred, so I must be doing something right. He has two castles he likes to swim in and out of, and a silk plant because his live one rotted. I must remember to stop at PetSmart and get another one. He liked that plant.

George is my pet-surrogate until I get the balls to ask my landlord if I can have a puppy. I really want a puppy. Sometimes I troll petfinder.com looking for puppies, even though I can't have any.

After reading 'The Dark Wife' by Sarah Diemer, I remembered my old tale of the Olympian gods, which I started when I was in college and abandoned a decade later. Part of me always figured that I could still reuse a lot of the concepts and storyline if I could only figure out an angle and start afresh. Without all of the teenage angst of the original.

I had a dream in which a Hollywood movie stole a bunch of ideas from the original manuscript. I was pissed off. Ragingly so. I think there may have been weapons involved in my revenge. Maybe even magic. So, I took that as a sign, and took back the thing they stole and have started to work on it from the ground up. I am not even looking at the old manuscript this time around. I will use what I remember and let the muse do the rest. And I will depart from my usual style by using past tense first person narrative. C'mon, let's hear that awe. Ooooh.

See? That wasn't so hard!

The Immortals may still become a series, who knows? I'm just rediscovering the joy of freewriting. I've become too tense with the revisions to 'Gypsy Fiddle', and I think I need a break to write something else for a week or so before trying to finish the edits. For now I'm revisiting my favourite character from the old manuscript, Rikki. I think she was everyone's favourite character, for that matter. She's going to have some fun adventures. Smile Stay tuned!


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