James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Braided, by Elora Bishop

BraidedBraided by Elora Bishop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Elora Bishop rebuilds a classic fairy tale from the ground up, stripping back the layers to get to the soul of the story, the core that speaks to us of love and the human spirit.

In 'Braided', a re-imagining of Rapunzel, Zelda is fated to spend her whole life up in the Holity (Holy Tree), listening to the prayers and wishes of the people of the town. Meanwhile Gray, the witch's daughter, has kept a painful secret since she was a child: she was meant to spend her life in the Holity, not Zelda. But she loves Zelda and is determined to set her free.

This story weaves dreams and the waking world together into a beautiful tapestry. At times, the feel of Gray's quest reminded me of the magic and wonder of the land of Fantasia from The Neverending Story. But the path is treacherous, and only love can overcome the dangers.

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