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At the Crossroads... again

So, I have finished the manuscript that I began ... I don't remember when I began it. Perhaps late last year? Does anybody remember? Bueller?

It doesn't matter. It was something I set out to do for my own benefit. I'd been working on 'Gypsy Fiddle' since November of 2008, and I'm no closer to finishing or publishing than I was a year ago. I was also depressed and feeling like I would never finish anything good and never publish anything at all. This was shortly after losing a job, so I wasn't in a great place.

Nevertheless, I looked at my old muses, and one of them raised her hand and demanded my attention. She'd been a supporting character in a project I left behind ten years ago. The project itself is dead and gone, but she was vital enough that I could tell her story instead.

And so I did. At least, the beginnings of her story. There will be more to her in the future.

I have finished my first YA novella, book one of The Gods of Gaia: Terra Paradox. There will be at least one more book, about the same length. Barring having to rewrite the whole ending, that is. :) I will be sending it to my wonderful editor soon, and hopefully it doesn't completely suck. ;)

After that is still up in the air. I am researching and gathering knowledge and getting things ready for possible self-publication, but I haven't ruled out trying to go through a publisher. I think it will depend on certain things that are up in the air right now. Novellas are not as widely published traditionally as novels (unless that has changed?).

The alternative would be to start writing part two and make it a full-length novel. Sure, I could do that, but then I might end up in the same hole I've fallen into with Gypsy Fiddle and I may never come out. I think I need some distance from the Fiddle stories, for now. Not enough to make me feel like I have to start from scratch, but enough that I can see what's blocking me and fix it.

I've also started working on a medieval fantasy tale, tentatively titled 'The Duchess of Elway'. That title may change to something else involving 'Duchess' or something else entirely, but I think I want to keep Duchess in the title because the sequel will have 'Queen' in the title. (I think too far ahead, I think that's part of my problem.)

Let me tell you a little bit about this story. Braithwyn has been kept prisoner in the city of Kerat for five years, basically in solitary confinement. When we first join her tale, a mysterious magical snafu gives her the chance to escape from prison and go back to her people. But everything has changed in five years, mostly because of why she was put in prison in the first place. She was falsely accused, and now she has to prove it. Along the way she meets a beautiful young woman named Anjo, who wants desperately to leave Kerat for reasons of her own. Both women have reasons to keep their respective identities from each other, but of course no secret is kept forever.

It's going to be a challenge to write, because I've never had a pairing that started out their relationship that way, but I think it will also be a lot of fun. Plus I already know way too much about both Braithwyn and Anjo so I have tons of material to work with. :)

I think the main thing driving me to write this so hard right now is that it's set in a completely different world. I have two major books taking place in Harrisburg, and while the first half of Terra Paradox takes place in another world, it's one I created ten years ago. I needed something brand new. :)

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