James (elven_wolf) wrote,

The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale: Five More Hours and ANOTHER Upped Sparkle!

Originally posted by mermaiden at The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale: Five More Hours and ANOTHER Upped Sparkle!
Ladies and gentlefae, we are approaching the last five hours of the annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale! This is the only sale of the year at the Fable Tribe, and lots of you have been taking advantage of it, and loved the Glamourkin incentive~

Well, the fairies are VERY mischievous indeed. As there are only a few hours left of the sale, the sparkle is upped ONE more time!

Because everyone was so supportive of the sale, we've moved the order number back: the first TWENTY orders of $20 or more (after discount and before shipping!) will receive a free surprise Glamourkin in their package! There are about five slots left for this, so you still have a chance!

(Some people asked us that, if they came back today and made over the $20 amount again on an order, if they would receive two free Glamourkins: THE ANSWER IS YES! <3)

ALSO: every order made today (and yes, yesterday!) is in the running to receive a FREE custom Glamourkin!

How's that for sparkle? :D (Good gods, you guys, this is such fun. <3 Thank you so much for supporting it so much and being so excited about this! YOU ROCK!!!! <3333)

Five hours left! <3

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