James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Fiddler on the Edge

I was supposed to start my new job on Monday, but they called to say that my background check hasn't come back yet. Apparently there's some hold up with the university confirming my degree. This has never happened before, but then, the UPR's been in chaos for the past few years from what I've heard.

In the meantime, I have a phone interview on Wednesday. I wouldn't really need a background check, I don't think, since Highmark should have all my paperwork already from having worked at United Concordia. I'd rather do that anyway. But the Medicare job is still on the table with a start date of July 23.

I met a fiddler who was busking at the market yesterday, much like the protagonist of my werewolf novel, so I had to at least stay and chat and drop some cash in her bucket. She encouraged me to pick up the violin again.

I want to. But it becomes more clear to me that I can't quite do it right now. Oh I tell myself I'm going to, sometimes I even try, but there's something impeding the whole process and I think it's the urgency I feel towards my writing career. Right now taking up the violin feels like another incomplete endeavour to add to a whole list of unreached goals. Until I accomplish something on the writing front it, anything else will just bog me down.

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