James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Of Wolf and Fae

I spent the afternoon yesterday setting up a storyboard for Gypsy Fiddle on Scriptito.com. I realised only too late that I only did chapters from the current rewrite and didn't take the last half of the story from the previous draft so I could play with them (that was kind of the point of the whole exercise). But it's a long manuscript and I tired myself out with what I did.

Later I'll continue.

I find that I still enjoy the story, and that most of it is good. I did find a couple of scenes where the characters are spinning their wheels and I should probably merge those scenes into something actually happening, but that's what happens when I'm figuring out the plot along with the characters. My wheels spin, so do theirs. Heh.

There's a lot of work to be done, but not all hope is lost. I just need to hammer out a path for the plot to take and stick to it (this is really tough for me, guys). One thing that I did realise and happily so, is that even in the rewrite when I changed scenes around, the same basic scenes were still in play. They just either changed order, or some details were different depending on how the overall story arch had changed. I think that's a good sign. Means I'm tweaking, not reinventing the wheel (which I loathe having to do at the 11th hour).

For now, though, back to Terra Incognita.

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