James (elven_wolf) wrote,

Nomadic Soul

I’ve lived in Harrisburg, PA for roughly seven years now. I think that’s just about long enough.

Unfortunately, I must remain at least one more year because of reasons. That’s fine, I can deal. The truth remains that relocating for me, while mentally and emotionally easy, is logistically more complex than that. This time around in particular I want to downsize 95% of the crap I’ve accumulated. It’s a slow process, which should hopefully align with the timeframe of one year.

The thing I realised was that even though I didn’t really mean to, I put down roots here. I don’t mean familial roots. Those predate Pennsylvania and those I’ve gained by extension will always be part of my life. I’m talking about the financial commitments which make it difficult to simply pick up and go. I’m talking about the clutter in my apartment which needs to be reckoned with.

My ultimate goal is to fit everything I own into the back of my Fit. It is quite a challenge, as I would be loathe to part with my costume collection. And my DVD’s. Other than that, I’m pretty flexible, but I should probably hang on to some crockery at least.

My list of possible destinations is pretty short right now. Just yesterday I figured I would add Williamsport, PA to the list. I don’t particularly see the appeal, but my current employer has an office there. I may be able to find a job to transfer to, making the transition easier. And it’s further north, and closer to New York. Somewhere in New York would be another option. But it would need to be a place with at least some sort of LGBT organisation/presence. I wouldn’t want to be the lonely queer in Hicksville.

While New England as a whole seems all right, I’m not even particularly attracted. Not opposed, but for some reason I’m drawn west. I could try Oregon or Washington, maybe. Or Canada if Romney gets elected.

Or, if I really need to flee the death camps, there’s always Costa Rica or Spain. But we’re not there yet.

Pretend you’re trying to convince me to move to your town. What do you have to say for it?


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