James (elven_wolf) wrote,


FaerieCon was spectacular as usual. A well needed break. But I find myself having trouble letting go. I'm still wearing the wristband for the Bad Faeries Ball, tattered as it is. It's sparkly.

My left leg is swollen above the ankle. I'm not sure why, but if it's still fucked up by next month I'll have to make a dr's appointment. It doesn't hurt when I walk, though it twinges a bit if I land heavily on that foot. Also, skin feels tight. Hm. There's a bruise on one side, not sure where that came from. The swelling is barely noticeable, only if I look at both ankles together. I should take it easy for a while.

Anyway, something to put on here so I can look back and know how long I've had the issue for, if it persists. I have little concept of time, chronology... I'd probably be the best candidate for time travel, but the worst one to come back to the present with any reliable info.

I have an eye appointment on the 26th, and must remember to take time off work so I can get there by 3. 

Boring update is boring.

Been playing a lot of Dragon Age 2, and am tempted to put together a Fenris cosplay. It would take some work, though. His makeup is pretty involved. Also would need a white wig and a gigantic sword.

Must moisturize more.

Haven't written much since I had that anxiety attack a couple of weeks back. On the upside, I haven't had any more attacks. I think I will use the rest of my energy for the year to basically get my shit in order, financially, health-wise, and you know, all that boring grown-up shit. I know that's not the heroic thing to do, but it's shit that needs to be done and while I juggle hell and writing, the minutiae fall by the wayside and that doesn't help.

Anybody want to help me paint my living room?

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