January 3rd, 2005


Stargate SG-1

So it's looking as though Richard Dean Anderson will not be returning to SG-1 as a cast regular, if at all. This makes me sad.

But, I know that all good things do come to an end, and I'm consoled by the fact that since I joined the fandom quite late, I still have 8 past seasons to enjoy in their full RDA goodness. Also, I won't have to boycott the show or anything, because I don't hear anything about him being killed off (hell, they even killed Daniel off a few times and he always came back) so there's no evil backstabbyness to it, and there's still hope he could come back, and Ben Browder's his replacement (though 'replacement' is a strong word since I don't think he could literally 'replace' RDA, but it's cool that he'll be in it regardless. We likes him). [Source.]

Plus Claudia'll stop in a few times too. It doesn't make up for Farscape, but it'll be cool.
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White Noise

*arches a brow at the latest tv ad for the White Noise movie*


I guess now we know how Tupac recorded his last 6 albums.
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