January 14th, 2005


Cowboy Pete on 'Elektra'


(At one point a group of Hand operatives, clad in civvies, shows up on their way to try and kill Elektra's charges, and I swear to God, one of them looked so familiar--in shaggy black hair, sunglasses and black leather jacket--that I actually said out loud, "Good Lord, the Hand is sending in Neil Gaiman." Which got some laughs from nearby, but now that I think on it, I believe Neil would actually make a crackerjack movie villain, and he might want to look into it if the whole writing thing doesn't work out for him.)
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Latest 'rating' community

So some idiot posted to anthropologist, spamming about her 'beauty' community. So I was looking for some comedic material and went to said community's user info. I wasn't disappointed.

"Hey Guys! and welcome to Miss_beaut's community. This is a community for the beautiful people with great peronalities and who want to meet people who are exactly like them."

It's like the Borg... but with mascara. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Unless you don't hold up to our standards of perfection.

Kids. Can't stand them, can't kill 'em all.
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Reality Check

The Sci Fi Channel has turned into this ... beast thing. They're taking the whole 'reality' concept, but since they're the Sci Fi Channel, it just becomes this... mutant sort of mentally challenged thing.

The topic tonight?

"Oh my God, the terrorists could get nanobots and DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH!!!!1ONE"

Dude, the terrorists couldn't even get enough fucking anthrax to do enough damage, you want them to get nanobots? It's a sad day when my favourite channel becomes a fear monger. Break out the tinfoil hats, everyone!
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