March 28th, 2005



Okay, here's a thought. Because I have these thoughts when I'm half asleep.

I exempted from the hotlink protection. But I'm wondering if it works with paid account URL's. They're technically subdomains, so I don't know if they're included.

So if any of you paid people who use it that way get the ass, just let me know. Though the only thing I could do in that instance is change the ass to something a bit more subtle, because I don't think I can go around adding individual usernames to the list. Either way, I was thinking of changing the ass to a text-only image anyway, because it seems the teenies have given up the attack. At least at that point if you get the hotlinky image you can try and reload it or something without being traumatised.

Or maybe it's not necessary and I'm just delirious. G'night. Really.
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