May 24th, 2005



I think all the crazies are leaving the asylum today. I might get the chance to finish watching Century Hotel, since I was so rudely interrupted the other night.

I also want to do some general website cleanup that I've been putting off.

But mostly, I want to make a dent in the Elysium stuff. I am currently completely blocked to crap, and that is not good. I think what I need is to put the troublesome Aiden story aside. It really is being a pain in the butt because it's just so different. It really throws me away from the actual plot of the series. I need to get my mind around the plot again.

Keep in mind I plotted this last year.

Once I get that block unblocked, I'll go back to finishing AR, which really, is technically more important than Elysium. I just have a weird way of doing things, I guess.

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